Sunday, March 13, 2016

Internet the Freedom.

The popularity of Internet is not only because of its reach but most probably because of the freedom it offers, people can be themselves as the digital world would not worry much about it and we can ignore the negative comments and at least somebody is listening and do have a lot of people to get along with and we can also avoid those weird looks you get for being yourself.

Most importantly the freedom of expression it offers you wanna say something do so, you wanna be a writer be one for zero cost, start writing, and its generally on the world wide web open to the world of audience who cares how many are reading but you have become a writer which you wanted to be which satisfied your soul for a part.

That is what makes internet more attractive. May be most of the people were are alone and now they have a whole world to engage with, and keep on starting new things and with the social media and stuff we are also getting rid of the spams and robotic interferences basically because of which we have the captchas in presence today which was the major problems with the older digital world basically the chat rooms etc.. The existence of a physical person cannot be matched though however it eases some of the basic engagement factors missing in your busy life. Thank you.