Recession In bangalore

Hi Friends,

I am going to write some of my experiences after completing my engineering before getting into a job and after that and some facts which has effected the common man in Bangalore due to the on going recession.

I have completed my B.E in Electronics and Communication and working in a company which does not suite my qualification. I agree that I do not have the high percentage that these MNC companies need but the situation of people who have a very high percentage is also not so good or even worse than me. The people who have completed their Engineering in Bangalore are in the same situation. Most of them are working for a some amount which does not suit them and hoping for the recession to end or for the openings to begin. After completing the Engineering once you upload your resume to the job sites. The maximum number of calls you get is from call center consultancies. Who call you or send emails each and every day till you try for some company through their consultancy some keep on sending If you have already taken the interview and even though could not make it. And many are thinking of higher studies and some are still thinking and some have written the PGCET and this time it was the highest number of aspirants who took the written exam. And some keep on blaming others for their situation like the Government, some US, and MNC companies. Where in the fault is no ones. And Govt has to be blamed in some matters but this one is out of reach for them They have to be blamed for the power crisis, the death of 2 children in 2 months and many more. And these MNC companies every quarter they need profit, sorry more profit, sorry sorry more more profit. I am not telling they they should leave becoming ambitious I insist them to leave thinking only about richness. Is it that the MNC company bosses will come to road if they don't make profit for one quarter.

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