Congrats on the first victory against corruption to all my countrymen.

         The entire nation is celebrating the mighty assertion of people’s power led by Anna Hazare, which culminated in yesterday’s historic parliamentary resolution acknowledging the popular yearning for a strong and effective Lokpal to combat corruption.
         There is, of course, much to rejoice in the fact that the thunderous roar of the people – not just those who had gathered for days at Ramlila Maidan, but in cities and towns across India – was finally heard by our tone-deaf parliamentarians who had thus far been living in a parallel universe of power.
         We've taken an important first step, but a journey of a thousand miles lies ahead. In that context, what happened on 27 August will go down in the annals of Indian political history as a defining moment when a nation was awakened anew. If this is indeed our second “freedom struggle”, as Anna Hazare framed it, yesterday was a red-letter day in that struggle.

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