It’s now or never.

Unfortunately I can’t reciprocate as I was born as a slave, I have been living here as a slave of bureaucrats since birth, who keep on harassing,  demanding bribe, make me run about , keep delaying, etc etc . They keep me ill-informed about my rights and privileges, they snatch away my time, money, and put me under lot of pressures. Due to this pathetic condition I can’t celebrate any Independence and I’m not hypocrite to still say some nice words while living in fear and terror. 
And even politicians who give a smile (unlike growling bureaucrats) but have never been of use as I go to them empty handed. Yes all those Dawood, Telgi, Harshad Mehta, builders, hoteliers, mafias, mandir mafias, college mafias, etc etc who carried brief cases and suitcases get all rights, privileges, their matter heard faster and all licenses issued, policies amended to sit them, land allotted in jiffy and I kept seeing them rise crushing all common man. May be they are celebrating what u r too celebrating.

Sorry, May be RTI has given me some freedom. May be more will come when Annaji s Lokpal Bill is passed and finally 100% freedom will come when courts can deliver justice in an year or so. Till then don’t wish me such things which sprinkle mirchi on my wounds. 

In 25 years I have never been welcome to any govt office, no police, municipality, govt has ever given me any respect, never ever extended help smilingly rather most often I had been heckled as a stray dog in their corridors as I don’t carry any bribe money. 

.....writer is a common man of India suffering with 1000 of wounds in heart of bearing insults and rude treatment from junior to senior govt personnel. So people please get out of your houses.


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