"Some of the life's best lessons come from the hardest situations."

In a village there was a family: a father, a mother and a son. The son was grown up but he did not do any work. The mother always protected him. One day the father got really mad and declared that the son should not be given any dinner unless he worked and earned some money that day.

The next morning the father woke up and left for work. The mother came to her sons rescue again. She gave him a 100 rupee note and told him to show that as earnings to his father. The father came back in the evening and asked the son what he earned. The son showed the 100 rupee note. The father grabbed the note, studied it carefully and shouted you did not earn this, someone, perhaps your mother, just gave it to you. Saying that the father tore the note in pieces and threw it out of the window. The mother watched as the money went down in pieces, but did not say anything. The son said whatever and walked away.

The next evening the same thing happened again. The son showed his father the note given by his mother. Again the father took it, tore it up and threw it out of the window. Once again the son and the mother watched silently. It went on for couple more days.

Finally one day the son decided he had enough. Now his mother was really hesitating giving him more money. So he went out and sought work. He helped a farmer feed his cattle and earned some money. He helped a shopkeeper move goods around and earned some more money. By the end of the day he had earned a twenty rupee note.

When the father came back, the son showed him his earnings proudly. The father looked at it carefully and did exactly the same thing. He tore it into pieces and declared the money was given to the son by someone else.
The son was in tears. He started yelling at his father. He ran down and tried to collect all the pieces.

When he came upstairs, he found his father waiting at the door. Come, let’s have dinner. The father said smiling. I know that was the money you really earned. Because you could not watch it being destroyed. You know its real value.

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