"Is getting rich worth it?"

Motivational Story

Mr.Kalayanasundaram worked as a Librarian for 30 years. Every month in his 30 year experience (service), he donated his entire salary to help the needy. He worked as a server in a hotel to meet his needs. He donated even his pension amount of about ten lakh rupees to the needy.

He is the first person in the world to spend the entire earnings for a social cause. In recognition to his service, United Nations Organization adjudged him as one of the Outstanding People of the 20th Century.. An American organization honored him with the ‘Man of the Millennium’ award. He received a sum of Rs 30 cores as part of this award which he distributed entirely for the needy as usual.

He still stays as a bachelor and dedicated his entire life for serving the society. We all Indians should be PROUD. UNO has honored him but we Indians don't even know that such a personality exist amongst us. Kalyanasundaram has worked in the field of social services for more than 45 years. He has also founded a social welfare organization called Paalam.

He is a Gold medalist in Library Science, and has completed M.A. in literature and history from Madras University, INDIA. And also awarded as the ‘Best Librarian in India’ by Union Government.

Hat's off Sir.. We All are extremely proud of you and proudly say

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