“The funny thing about generation gap is the later has the experience of other."- College Funny Joke

College Jokes with a Pricipal
4 MBA students went out on a night before their exam and were boozing hard. They did not study for the test and thought of a plan to escape. So they went to their dean looking weary and worn out, their dresses covered in grease and dirt.

They told their dean that they had all gone to a wedding the previous day and while coming back their car tyre had blown up. So they had to push the car all way back to the hostel as there was no help available on the way. So they said that they were not in a position to write the test that day and asked him to conduct a retest later.

The dean being a kind man he was asked them to come to a retest 3 days later. The boys were very happy and went to prepare in full swing. After 3 days the dean asked them to come for the test.

The dean said that the test had 2 questions for 100 marks. He said that they had to write the test in separate rooms. As the boys had prepared well they agreed. The test went as follows.

Q.1 Write your name
Q.2 Which tyre burst?

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