“Humility is the greatest virtue of any Artist.”- Scientist Jokes

Praying to God Humor Cartoon
A group of leading scientists had done huge amounts of research in chemical analysis, and bio-chemistry. After many years of toil, they confronted the Lord about his "Creation" process. 

"We have studied and analyzed and learned, and have found that we can create life, the same as You did." said the scientists to Lord. 

"You can?" asked the Lord. 

"Yes.  We can create living forms, the same way You did. And faster too. And we'll prove it." The Lord replied, "Ok, prove it." 

So one of the scientists reached down and grabbed up a handful of dirt to put into a dish. 

"Uh uh uhhh" said the Lord. 

"What?" asked the scientists. 

"Get your OWN dirt!" 

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