“Managing the Resources is more of analyzing the situations well.”- Management Joke

Time-Management Humor Cartoon
The visiting minister was surprised when he went into the pulpit to find just one person in the congregation - an old farmer. He went down to him and said, "Is it worth proceeding?"

"What do you mean?" said the farmer. "Well" said the minister "is it worth having a service for such a small congregation?"

"When I take the bucket of food to the hens and only one turns up I don't send it away hungry."

Moved by this simple analogy, the minister went back to the pulpit and went through the whole service including a long and very forceful sermon. When he had finished he went down to the farmer and asked, "Was that alright?"

The farmer rather tersely replied, "When I take the bucket to the hens and only one turns up I don't give it the whole bucket".

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