“People who are guarded are afraid.”- Jokes on Rules

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Finally, the situation got so bad that complaints reached Father Murphy, who decided to go out and talk to the teenagers. The priest's appearance was greeted by hoots and catcalls. But he went up to the leader and said.

"Boys, I think there are better places for you to hang out than on God's doorstep." The gang leader defiantly said, "F*ck God." Father Murphy winced. "You're risking God's wrath by breaking His holy laws and taking his name."

The gang leader said, "F*ck God's laws. You name one, I break it. I swear, I f*ck , I steal, I smoke, I shoot people. I'll tell you what. I'm gonna break every single f*cking law the church has ever make."

The priest said, "Do you really mean that?” The gang leader turned to his buddies and said, "Do I ever go back on a promise? Blood oath. I'm gonna break every church law."

"Well," the priest said, "I know of at least one sin you haven't committed." "Yeah? Tell me what it is and I'll do it." Father

Murphy replied, "There's a strict church law against suicide. *So go kill yourself." **
*(Apologies for “F” word)*

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