"Silence has a lot to Say."- Motivating Inspirational Quotes on Absence of Words

Image Inspirational Quotes on Silence    Recently was travelling in a cab and came across a driver who was in his 60’s I guess and did not have much words. Usually as it’s a tedious and one of the most boring occupations as always on steering wheel I get to have a good conversation with all the cab drivers I meet. But he was strange, very silent but did not feel like an introvert also. Met him 2 to 3 more times and there was pin drop silence even when I was alone travelling with him. Then my thoughts started flowing as I was also alone. And felt that this guy has a lot to say (why he is still working, did he start as a driver, kids etc etc) hence will keep it limited to his mind only, explores there as the time has no limit over there. And hence came to a conclusion that “Silence usually has a lot to Say.” Comments, conflicts are always welcome.

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