Humanity above Everything. Bangalore quotes

        Bangalore, people here are very good at adaptability and adjustments for good, for the benefit of others usually.  Lets take language for this instance we all know that language came into existance as a form of communication and when the opposite person is not comfortable in your language people here never hesitate to change to the one in which both are pretty easy at. Which might be the real reason people here talk different languages easily. That is the reason they say greatest changes are brought by the most humble. Which has also done good to the local language, more people speak Kannada than earlier and the number is growing very fast. And I also see more new slangs being created with an essense of Kannada and being globally accepted. Why not be humble enough to put humanity above everything. We all know that things should be used to get people/love. But often people and their love is used to get things. So lets get  inspired from Bangalore and inherit it wherever necessary for the greater good on humanity. Let's end up with a quote by the father of this  great nation- Where there is love, there is life.   
Love quotes, Bangalore

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