Quotes on India and Media

With the IPL season going on new ads are all over to promote the brands as most of the people have shifted their focus on IPL as entertainment. Even the foreign brands like Amazon and VIVO, agree that the advertising agencies and some key decision makers of it are Indians and these brands are finding the good part of our country and use it as a promotion agenda while our country’s media is behind the bad things happening in this country. Yes, I do agree that media should be behind the news but never seen them promoting any good things or we have lost all good men in our country

Only when the whole of social media cries for any good thing happening is when the media shifts its focus on the demand and however for a very short duration. Was truly impressed by the IPL ad where the news channel will be discussing about what should be the breaking news and somebody observes how a man is helping a struggling kid to watch a #IPL match and the Amazon ad on how we Indians are very interested in helping people without asking, and deep inside we Indians are like these ads only right.

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