Selflessness can only be defined by farmers.

         With due respect to soldiers, teachers, doctors and social workers and real public servants. I do believe everyone knows why I mentioned real for public servants as we all know how our majority is. I do have very high respect who still are good in those professions where the temptations is at its peak.
          In all these professions I see some or the other personal benefits, a good standard of living, high respect in society or contacts which turn beneficial but no where in a farmers life even the sala manna/ loan cancellation is based on certain terms which we call as reservation and you know how dependent are farmers on this as it takes a hell lot of time, energy, grief to get it sanctioned. But still they keep on working to feed us and at times they find a end where they are unable to feed themselves.
          And the sad part is they don't even get the minimal recognition from the society at least in India. I have heard of certain recognitions, awards for all the other creed however none for farmers. I know as a IT engineer what the rewards and recognition mean and the motivation it brings and the competition, effort involved to achieve it. And even if exists I don't believe it's even known to society as never heard of any such thing. Hence the conclusion.

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