Why are selfies so famous, are we really so self obsessed.

Let’s discuss on the reasons that might make selfies so famous, one I see is it gives us an opportunity to see what you are clicking. Earlier it was a photographer and it usually made your regret the pic that it was not as you imagined but in selfies you can play your own screenplay. And we all love to stand in front of mirror right selfies give you an excellent opportunity to do that.

Can we all go back and imagine why were the front cameras invented in first place for video call basically and what has taken over selfies, Selfies have become a rage everywhere we also saw some people sacrifice their life’s for a good selfie.

Let’s turn the angle a bit more are we really so self-obsessed. The main reason I am talking about here, self-obsession. If we get something in life which makes us love and admire ourselves do we forget the world around us. We click ourselves, post ourselves, we celebrate ourselves and love only ourselves. If you find some other greater reason which is behind the popularity, please share in comments. Thank you for reading. 

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