Quotes let’s start with a definition for it, So I do keep wondering what is the correct definition of quotes. Yes, it is collection or group of words. But we all do know that quotes are something above that and it deserves something better than that. What would that be. How do you typically define it at least the basic thing? Okay, let’s try again, Quotes are a set of words which bring out the best meaning in everything ethically and philosophically which tells us what is right to do and at times how to do it. Quotes or set of words which actually make the correct sense or make the sense right. Quotes are a set of words which motivates and inspires us during our low times. Quotes are a set of words which is actually the truth. Quotes are a set of words which are said by one person and repeated or used by another speaker. And on and on and on and on, Quotes have so so so so much to say about everything and everything else and most likely about itself or about what it is actually speaking.

Quotes have always been a shoulder I always leaned on. Quotes have always supported me to make a comeback and start afresh again forgetting all the failures I faced. Quotes do help me analyse myself and see where exactly I stand, what are my real strengths and what are my weakness and Quotes do show me how to overcome my weaknesses and which weakness I need to concentrate on and more importantly Quotes give me the motivation and Inspiration to make it happen. Quotes do inspire me in every possible aspect.

I do always remember few quotes and words while I am about to quit or loose my patience and breakdown and remember that what I am doing it and will be right even if I fail or loose the battle or even if I am left with nothing. Some quotes, proverbs, and sayings which our elders and parents have thought us have always been with us and make sure that we do not loose our paths and get into wrong ones.

Quotes help bring out the best in us.  Quotes always keep motivating us and show us that there is still to come out of us to do more and extend our limits. We always look out for options to quit or just walk away however Quotes we are made of can be used as principles here keep us strong to stick on and keep trying and keep moving. 

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