43 Positive Quotes to learn, teach and share.

43.Life is built by how you react to it.
life buildig quotes
42.I can take it... The tougher it gets, the cooler I get... -Richard Milhous Nixon
quotes for exams for children in India

41.I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.
Mind Quotations
40.A few bad chapters does not mean your story is over.
sayings to motivate
39.It always seems impossible until it happens.
impossible sayings for students
38.Love never gives up.
quotation on love for lover and wife
37.It takes less time to do a thing right, than to convince why you did it wrong.
quotes to share with children
36.Don't study me, you will never graduate.
quotation for youngsters
35.If it scares you, it's a sign that you need to do it.
sayings on doing
34.If you ensure not trying you ensure failure.
motivational quote
33.I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter. - Sir Winston Churchill
quote from famous guys
32.All we can do is our best, Best is what we can do.
quotation on doing your best
31.It is good to be good, only at times.
positive quotations
30.It all starts with a good choice.
quote to share
29.Knowledge becomes wisdom when you apply it, else you just have a piece of paper in your head.
knowledge quotes
28.Successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person does not like to do.
sayings from successful people
27.You should only think about one thing while giving, how much more can I add.
giving quotations
26.Excellence is pushing your own limits.
inspirational sayings
25.Poetry can communicate before it is understood.
quotation on poetry March 2019
24.Everything you did, brought you where you are now.
inspirational quotes for whatsapp status
23.If somebody shows you their true colors, don't try to repaint them.
most liked quotations
22.Success always carries 2 things with it, Silence and Smile.
Superb quotations on silence
21.We must become what we wish to teach.
Quote for Facebook
20.If your happiness depends on others, you will never be happy.
self quotes
19.A good friend knows all your stories, A best friend helped you write them.
quotes on friends
18.There is something to learn in everything.
inspirational quotes to share with your friends
17.If you are not lucky, don't think of being a Casino Owner.
quotations on casino
16.To Improve Your Team, You Should First Work on Yourself.
quotes for your manager
15.Great minds have purposes, little minds have wishes.
quotation on purpose and wish for your friends
14.Destiny should only get one chance to win over you.
Quotations and Life and Death
13.Development of your future is hidden in your daily routine.
quotations to share with friends to motivate them
12.Life is not a dream, it is more about chasing them.
life sayings
11.You will never be qualified enough to give a feedback to your Wife.
quotes on wife to share
10.A women is like a Tea bag, you never know how strong she is, until she gets into hot water.
sayings to share with women
9.Wisdom is knowing what to do next, virtue is doing it.
virtue quotations
8.You keep a lot to yourself because it's hard to find people who understand.
7.Rather fail with honor than win with cheating.
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6.There is a message in how people treat you.
image quotations to share
5.What a teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.
best teacher quotations
4.There is no coffin made till date to bury Truth.
share quotes
3.Don't wait, the time will never be just right.
inspirational quotes to share
2.Speak with honesty, Act with Integrity.
quotes to share in whatsapp
1.Unless you accept failure, nobody can defeat you.
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