Information and Knowledge and Perfection

Information- I Know.
Knowledge- I Know to do it.

There is really a very small difference between information and Knowledge but with biggest of impacts. If you know how and where to apply the information you have gathered who have acquired knowledge.  So always aim to gather information and never delay to apply and experiment with it. Both should go hand in hand and the other brings glories to each other.

Perfection is continuous improvement.

Perfection is always continuous you can keep going deeper and find new limits. Let’s take cricket for an example as we are like super fans to it. We do not have a perfect cricketer till date we do have legends like Sachin, Dravid, Dhoni and Virat and many more but they also had their failures they have missed their balls and got out. We do not have a cricketer till date who has never been out. But yes, we do consider all the above people as perfect as they have explored the new limits of Cricket.

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