Be the type of person quotes

Quote: Be the type of person you want to meet.

I am deviating a bit on the earlier thing that until the Corona Virus Pandemic Ends I will be posting Hope Quotations. However, I am starting to post other quotes as well from now, on a feeling that with only hope quotes going on where are we giving room for Covid-19 to exit and with a feeling that until we are in the same environment it is hard to come out of it. And my wife also suggested that with so many things going on around about the virus why do you want to remind people again of it. Post something else, It is irritating to read the same hope quotations. So with the great solid hope that the number of infections, number of corona virus cases will come down from every corner of the world from now on and will reach 0 asap. I am sharing other post as well from now. Thank you. 

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