Hard Times Become Harder due to the Pandemic

         It is no doubt a very difficult time for everyone, we have seen many things but this is new, that makes it more tough. We have been grabbed out of our freedom, in the sense freedom to move, meet, etc. It is all for our good though. We cannot meet our friends who usually used to distribute/listen to our pain. We have been forced to use technology to meet people and talk to them and share with them. Some people are working their asses out, some do have have much to do. Some have been betrayed of work. I am writing this, but me too am frustrated and confused at times. Will everything be back to normal or not, this is the question that is haunting everyone, badly. We are also realizing that some things were not good earlier, before these lock-down's and social distancing's. However we just want to go back and then we can think about fixing things. But we desperately want to go back to old normal. 

             However hope is one thing that keeps all of us going, and Hope is very powerful in its job. We just need to stick on to it and hold on to ourselves. We always have to have some patience with everything, and we need to have some more patience with our self, now we need to increase the dosage in these things. Lets just give some more time to ourselves we might not get time later once everything resumes back. So give the valuable time to yourself and your loved ones. We all have to work, however we need not go out now we cannot either. So just give the time to yourself, what could be the future, if this is the new future how are we going to deal with it and live with it and enjoy the same. Exercise the best thing you can present to yourself. Be Safe, Stay Safe, Keep your loved ones safe. This is something we are experiencing very new lets see if it comes with a lot of lessons. Lets be kind, courteous, humble and develop some patience and learn and know ourselves. 

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