Truth quotes about relationships

funny truth quotes

Truth exists; only lies are invented. Georges Braque

Truth is always there undeterred the only way to avoid masala in truth is just say what you know do not add anything out of your imagination. Speak or convey less but everything should be truth if you have seen the thing just say what you have seen if someone has said you the story tell only what you have heard. And always make sure we remove unimaginable lies from our stories and just go with truth and what can be truthful. It is always important we value and carry only truth when we are in the middle and leave all non senses. If we have to convey it forward a good idea is to make sure it is truth. There is nothing wrong in asking a person for the truth story rather than only hearing it from other sides and ends who always make sure to show they know everything answer with a yes or a new story for the sake of answering. 

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