Moment which brings back cricket in my life. Goosebump moments

I was kind of totally disappointed with he very very bad performance of Indian team in the first test out for just 36 is that true. I still can't believe it and had almost thought of boycotting cricket from my life. I am not an ardent fan though, however I do am a big fan of the sport after all I am an India, It just runs in our blood. Specially for the 80's and 90's kids.

I just came across this today. This gave me goosebumps today. To be frank I am not a big fan of Siraj as well. However we have seen him struggle and give his best every time for RCB. However his performances are still not at his best. But we always knew from the bottom of our hearts he is trying the very best he could. All the very best to your Sir. May Indian Cricket reach more heights from your performances and we be entertained and enthused. I am pretty sure your dad will be pretty proud of you in the magical world.  The moment captured below is right after the playing of National Anthem from Sydney Cricket ground before he start of play.   

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