Always do your best

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This quote emphasizes the importance of making the best possible decision when one has the luxury of choice, while also stressing the importance of putting forth one's best effort in situations where options are limited.

The keywords in this quote include choice, best, and effort. "Choice" implies the freedom to select from among different options, while "best" refers to the option that is optimal or most favorable. "Effort" refers to the amount of energy, dedication, and hard work that one puts into a task or situation.

In essence, this quote suggests that we should strive to make the best possible choice when we have options available to us, and when we don't have a choice, we should focus on putting forth our best effort. It encourages us to make the most of the opportunities we have, and to make the best of the situations that we cannot control.

Short positive quote: If you have choice choose the best, if you have no choice give your best.

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