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Self-Motivation is one of the most difficult things to achieve, these days when I see around Quora most of the questions are on self-motivation, how to self-motivate, what is self-motivation etc. I have collected here some of the best inspirational quotes from my website to empower you with motivation to keep going. 

1. Work in progress quote

Struggle is the portend of Success. If you are struggling you sure are going to learn something in the process of getting out of it and that learning will shield you and take you o heights which showcases success to you. So, motivate yourself when struggles are ahead of a challenge, accept those challenges and try hard to resolve them. 

In my college days there was a seminar on personality development where they showed that only attitude sums up to 100%, never got to the depth of it and never was able to realize it initially. After around 9 years of professional experience I do realize now the importance of Attitude and how it helps us to get things done and how people around us prefer us in getting things done and we learn few more things that others in the process.  

This quote justifies our first quote, success usually favors the struggling crowd. As they are more capable and more ready to handle it. So never be afraid of hardships just over come them. 

A beautiful quote on focus, we should always focus on getting things that are necessary done, in the process we start ignoring or skipping things which are not worth the time. So, we become more productive in the same amount of time. 

Never doubt your ability, you are always ready and capable of once you stat you start accumulating what is missing. So do not worry of the shortcomings you never know if it comes handy when you reach there if necessary, you can learn things anytime. 

The quote in more on life and its attitude to be. You should always be helpful to people. This gives confidence and your soul is always relaxed and content. You start regretting less, which fills in confidence in you. 

People always calculate you by your results, so always be fruitful and never forget to showcase your results and also the efforts that went it. When it’s a failure just accept it and when it’s a success rejoice and display it with pride. 

The most important aspect fear. We all get to this stage we all come under the impression of fear. However, when it comes to decision making never involve fear. Remember the previous quote you are always ready. 

Always be grateful for the opportunities you are offered of as it makes you always feel the importance of it and makes you accept it with humility. Humility is of the most common character of greatness. So, accept things with gratitude and always be grateful to your teachers, colleagues and friends and family who have stood by you. 

All the above comes into action once you are in field. So never hesitate, start doing first. Go on it is going to be easy and inspiring day by day. So, start now, the best time. 

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