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Ethel Barrymore quote

best image quotes 2023

Meaningful thought with long explanation

 motivational quotes for success

The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your conviction. -William F. Scholavino

 Once we have achieved a thing we should keep going with conviction it develops and moves to greater height whatever for that matter. Even if you are learning something you learn and execute a single program and then move on with more programs you know what it has and what more your can explore and people will find you explorable later. They would find it worth to know your story how did you get there how did you achieve it. The higher the achievement the more loved is your story. And more and more people who wanna also get there wanna listen to it and know more about you. So get to work and more your work excellent and adorable.

Meaningful moon quotes

short moon quotes

I will be like the moon and learn to shine even when I am not whole.

Even if we are missing something in life we should always be positive and keep and motivate others to be positive there might be a heap of challenges ahead, your attitude is your first strength. So stay positive and spread the wholeness other adjectives will follow and keep motivating yourself to move forward. Like you have done all these days. 

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Trust broken quotes

trust quotes for relationships

Trust everyone, just don't trust the devil inside them.

Just be careful with your trust every time, whoever the person might be. There is nothing wrong to be careful, being careful is not dishonesty you can still keep a watch on anybody. You are not just trusting the devil inside a person what he might sabotage when he becomes stronger. So just hold on keep calm and trust and always be watchful and don't turn a blind eye towards everything. 

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Good-hearted person quotes

No matter what anyone says or does, my task is to be good. Marcus Aurelius

Being good does not have dependencies it is a principle (never to be broken) to be followed. And it does throw at us the toughest of challenges and make us break, However only the tough passthrough. We should not bother at what people are saying about us or spreading about us the task is to be and do good. Come people who do not tolerate good also make our path difficult we should still stand by it and make sure we continue and make something good of it.  

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