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Ambition Quotations

ambition quotes
Quote: When Performance exceeds Ambition, the overlap is called Success.

Fighting Spirit Quotes

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Quote: For Good Days, You have to fight your Bad Days.

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Success Secret Quotes

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Quote: Only those who keep trying Succeed.

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Result Quotes

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Quote: Excuses are useless. — Results are priceless.

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Success quotes and sayings

famous quotes about roads
Quote: The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.

Short Success Quotes in English

success quotes goodreads
Text Quote: The price of success is hard work.

And hard work yields to a lot of things, it yields knowledge, it yields smart work, it yields respect and in turn success. Keep working hard quote for you to motive in every step you take.

Key to success quotes in english

success quotes and sayings
Text Quote: If you want to achieve success stop asking for permission.

Should I do it, why should I do it, how should I Do it, when should I do it, Is it necessary for my success, Who will help me do it, Is it necessary to learn and do it now, no you do not need an answer to all these questions, it is obviously Yes you have to get it done, you have to keep moving.

Inspirational quotes about overcoming failure

Text Quote: A doubtful beginner is always a failure. 

Hence buy some confidence and start with it, success is always yours. Success and self confidence are best friends and don't get easily separated.

Secret of Success 2019 Quotes

secret of success images
Text Quote: Time, Don't Spend, Invest on it.

All success have the same habit and all failures do the same mistake. Its all about how you utilize or use your time which you get out of your other commitments and how to see it. We all have time, we can think and prepare when we are doing some other jobs and then execute the same when we have some time for ourselves. That is the reason legends have reiterated that everything is in your habit, your habits define you. Invest on your time you have earned it and do not let it go. It is your money earned spend it very carefully and intelligently.

Courage and Success Quotes for Students

quotation for Bangalore students
Text Quote: There is more courage than talent in most successes.

Powerful success quotes for Students

quotes for Bangalore
Text Quote: I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

Proverb on good habits

Hope we all understood it my dad always says doing good things is always doing tough things. Good is always tough. So you need to make a habit of it so that you do not miss it.


When you do it unknowingly-it's innocence, when you realize and still do-its a mistake, 
and it's risky to forgive mistakes.

Words confuse, 
Silence avoids, 
Smile convinces.

Silence has the power to make even a fool look smart.

Anyone can run towards light, it takes courage to light the darkness.

Effort Never Dies.

        Guys believe only in efforts not on results. Efforts are endless and a good effort can be put in numerous ways even they never end which also ensures your success in a long run and makes you capable of handling success which is a rare quality to earn. And keeps you motivated to keep going and keeps you away from getting lost in success as you are more comfortable in putting efforts rather than enjoying success.

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